Pallet Jacks, Stackers and Tow Tractor

Pallet jacks, pallet stackers, and tow tractors are crucial components of today’s warehouse management, offering efficiency, space optimization, and safety. Investing in Linde’s equipment, warehouses can enhance overall productivity, reduce operational costs, and meet the challenges of dynamic supply chain demands worldwide.

Linde Pallet Jacks

There are many ways in which Linde is driving the development of its pallet jacks, stackers and tow tractors forward. The objective is simple, fast, and rapid transport. Some pedestrian trucks have the SafetySpeed function. It automatically adjusts the speed depending on the tiller position; the more vertical, the slower it goes. This improves operator safety.

Linde Pallet Stackers

When transporting, loading, unloading, and storing goods, Linde pallet stackers effortlessly stack heavy loads on top of each other, on shelves, or in truck loading areas. This makes them indispensable in small warehouses and outdoor operations, as well as in large warehouses for transporting heavy and bulky goods, depending on the version used. Lifting up to two tons and up to 19 feet high, with mostly narrow aisles with little space for maneuvering where time is of the essence – the job calls for the pallet stackers from Linde Material Handling. Linde has the ideal truck for every transport route, load capacity, and lifting height.


Linde Electric Tow Tractor

The electric tow tractor’s heavy-duty steel chassis delivers a stable and rugged vehicle that efficiently delivers high performance, smooth control and maneuverability.  High quality electrical parts, in conjunction with a heavy-duty drive axle and differential deliver continuous, reliable performance.  Linde quality design at all levels results in long component life and extended service intervals.