Automated Material Handling Equipment

Fully Automated Material Handling Equipment at All Levels

Automated Guided Vehicles are the future of efficient material flows. Now, they are more attainable than ever. They take over tiring transport tasks from employees, increase the handling volume, and reduce the error and accident rates in the warehouse. Linde Material Handling offers a wide range of cutting-edge automation solutions with electric forklifts, pallet trucks, and tow tractors from the MATIC series. All models are equipped with intelligent navigation and safety technology, but can also be maneuvered conventionally via manual control.

Improve your bottom line with Linde Automated Solutions:

  • Extensive automation portfolio from smart trucks to fully automated logistics processes
  • Highly profitable, scalable, and adapted to the complexity of your specific operation
  • Efficient and reliable intralogistics systems with precise timing

With automation solutions from Linde Material Handling, you can streamline your material flow for maximum efficiency. We have a range of standardized solution packages that offer companies from various industries a cost-effective, scalable way to make the leap into the world of automated logistics processes.


  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics/Trucking
  • Services/Maintenance
  • Retail Industry
  • General Warehouse Operations

The Fully Automated Lineup