L-Matic HD

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Linde’s LMATIC automated pallet stacker specializes in horizontal transport interfacing between floor and low height transfer locations.

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Ideal for heavy loads and high lifting heights.

The L-MATIC HD is an automated pallet stacker from Linde Material Handling. It is ideal for use in wide-aisle warehouses with type 1 and 3 pallets. The L-MATIC HD 1.6-ton model can handle goods weighing up to 3,500 lbs. The custom-built L-MATIC HD 2.0-tonne model is especially well suited for loads of up to 4,400 lbs. Both truck variants transport and store goods at lifting heights of up to 13 ft. The interaction between powerful hardware and intelligent software results in significant performance benefits. In particular, the 3D camera software developed specifically for Linde guarantees unique detection and recognition of loads and surroundings. Among other things, it allows pick-and-drop cycles to be significantly shortened. Users can also operate the L-MATIC HD in conjunction with narrow-aisle applications. Integration into existing intralogistics solutions is no problem thanks to intelligent geo-navigation, which requires no additional infrastructure. The option to integrate automated charging stations makes the L-MATIC HD particularly suitable for continuous operation (24/7) solutions. The comprehensive safety concept ensures reliable protection of operators, loads, trucks, and surroundings.


The Linde L-MATIC HD has comprehensive sensor-based safety equipment. Laser scanners on the front and rear, and on the side as an option, monitor the entire working environment. As soon as the L-MATIC HD detects persons, other trucks or obstacles, it adjusts its speed or stops. It also warns people in the truck’s safety zone using acoustic and visual signals. A 2D curtain laser, available as an optional extra, enables the truck to detect objects above ground level, such as suspended loads or falling objects.

  • All round observation of the working environment
  • Passive and active protective systems
  • Intelligent, sensor-based safety equipment with lasers and cameras
  • Automatic speed adjustment and collision prevention
  • Acoustic and visual warning systems


The L-MATIC HD is designed to be easy to operate and for smooth integration into modern intralogistics environments. Inputs are made by the operator via a touchscreen with an intuitive user interface. The control software handles routing, order placement, and power management, and can be quickly connected to warehouse and ERP systems. Intelligent load detection with sensors for pallet recognition ensures safe handling even during maximum utilization of the load capacity. Linde’s innovative, infrastructure-free geo-navigation makes it possible to integrate all MATIC trucks into existing work environments and adapt them to changing tasks within a short period of time. Smooth switching between manual and automated operation is made possible via the intuitive tiller.

  • Touchscreen with simple user interface
  • Load detection for safe handling
  • Intelligent routing and task control
  • Interface to warehouse management and ERP systems
  • Precise control and monitoring of pallet movements
  • Switch to manual operation possible at any time


Efficiency in service also makes a decisive contribution to the efficient operation of the Linde L-MATIC HD. The automated pallet stacker is designed for continuous operation. The electronic diagnostic system, combined with preventative servicing software, guarantees users maximum uptime. All electronic and mechanical components are easily accessible. The drive and the optional modern power-system based on lithium-ion batteries are durable and practically maintenance-free.

  • Digital diagnostics tool
  • Preventative servicing
  • Maintenance-free power and drive system