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The Linde RMATIC is the automated narrow aisle counterbalanced forklift specializing in high-level narrow aisle storage.

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Efficient and precise handling at high lifting heights

The autonomous R-MATIC reach truck transports and stores and retrieves goods up to 3,500 lbs at heights of up to more than 36 feet. The range of masts means that it is especially suited to handling at medium to high lifting heights and to supplying workstations, as well as being suitable for warehouses or material transportation. The R-MATIC uses its innovative 3D camera to detect the storage location in the rack and the pallet openings. It can store and retrieve its load precisely by adjusting the prongs. The truck’s geo-navigation does not require any additional infrastructure and it interacts safely and efficiently with individuals, non-automated trucks, or conveyor belts and packing stations. Dual Mode means that the R-MATIC can also be controlled manually.


In addition to the high safety standard of the Linde forklift trucks, the R-MATIC also has an intelligent safety system for when it is used in automated mode. The truck detects its surroundings using sensors. If the 2D curtain laser system identifies an obstacle, the truck reduces its speed and, if necessary, stops. The automated reach truck also uses an innovative 3D camera and a laser to detect pallet openings and loads and to store and retrieve them precisely at high lifting heights. The Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) driver assistance system also balances mast movements with targeted counter movements.

  • Intelligent safety system
  • Sensors to detect the surroundings
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Innovative 3D camera to detect loads
  • Dynamic Mast Control (DMC)
  • 2D curtain laser


The R-MATIC’s geo-navigation does not require any additional infrastructure. The 3D camera means that even the handling of loads at high lifting heights of up to more than eleven meters can take place precisely and efficiently. That is why the truck is especially suited to autonomous storage and retrieval of pallets at medium to high lifting heights and to supplying workstations with necessary parts or goods. There is the option available for loads to be identified via a barcode or RFID scanner. If necessary, the R-MATIC can import the data read into companies’ ERP and warehouse systems.

  • Navigation without additional infrastructure
  • Lifting heights of up to over eleven meters
  • 3D camera for precise load handling
  • Storage and retrieval of goods and transport of goods
  • Integration into IT systems


The geo-navigation without additional infrastructure makes it particularly easy, quick and seamless to integrate the R-MATIC into intralogistics processes. Adjusting and scaling the system can also be done in a very flexible way. When maintenance work is required, the truck data from the R-MATIC can be read out and analyzed using a service laptop. All the electronic service components are also easily accessible. In addition, the maintenance-free three-phase technology developed by Linde ensures that work is not interrupted due to downtime.

  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Flexible adjustment and scaling
  • Electronic data analysis
  • Easily accessible service components