Series 8932 MT22

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The MT22 is the next-generation of efficiency in pallet trucks, developed around a powerful 24V/100Ah Li-ION battery.  Comes standard with a built-in 24V/30A charger.  Lift 4,500 lbs. at 24 in. load center to the max height of 5 in.  Industrial floating stabilizing wheels for maximum stability.

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Li-ION Technology

→ Eliminate the maintenance and potential hazards of lead-acid batteries: no need to water or change the battery, and no contact with battery acid.
→ Improved battery life when combining the built-in charger with opportunity charging.
→ Optimum for multi-shift operations looking to avoid charging down-time.


→ Short chassis length (18.5 in.) and small turning radius (52 in.) makes the MT22 perfect for tight working conditions.
→ Upgraded caster wheels improve stability when navigating ramps and uneven surfaces.


→ Controls placed on ergonomic tiller head to reduce operator movements.
→ Turtle button for easier use in narrow spaces.
→ Powerful AC traction motor and reduced weight creates minimal steering effort.