Series 8932 MT15B

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Small size and reduced weight for improved maneuverability.  Lift 3,300 lb. at 24 in. load center to the max height of 7.5 in. with ease.  Equipped with a 20Ah Li-ion battery, the onboard charger enables quick charging, maximizing operational flexibility.  All operator controls available without lifting one’s hand from the ergonomic grips.

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Li-ion Technology

→ The MT15B comes with a standard 20Ah Li-ion battery and onboard charger, which offers high availability to multishift work thanks to fast and flexible charging and zero maintenance.
→ Optimized for opportunity charging when pallet truck is not in use
→ Up to 3-hour battery charge, or up to 6 hours with optional secondary Li-ion battery in place
of on-board charger


→ The low-mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort and minimum steering effort.
→ Travel, lift, and lower functions are located on the ergonomic control head.
→ The control head is designed for easy operation with either hand and includes a belly button reversing switch, dual butterfly travel controls, horn, and battery discharge indicator.
→ Creep speed functionality and small size give operator confidence in tight spaces.

Cost Reductions

→ Maintenance-free Lithium-Ion battery improves battery life and working efficiency
→ Reduce electrical costs because of better charger efficiency