The Linde 1293.  Built for your world.

The Linde 1293.  Built for your world.

In the material handling world, durability, safety and innovation are essential.  As industries change, so does the equipment that supports them.  Welcome the Linde 1293 to the North American Market.  The latest marvel in the world of forklifts that’s set to redefine the standard of performance, efficiency and sustainability.

Power and Precision

At the heart of the Linde 1293 lies a dominant combination of power and precision. This electric counterbalance forklift with 4,000 – 5,000 lb. capacity, has two models: E20BHP and E25BHP.  This lift is equipped with the Linde 80-volt Li-ION battery ensuring the drive system provides continuous productivity throughout the day.  Its advanced control systems ensure smooth and precise movements and unparalleled handling capabilities.  It is the next generation in the Linde family line.

Versatility and Adaptability

Whether it’s a bustling warehouse, a sprawling distribution center, or a busy manufacturing facility, the Linde 1293 is ready to tackle any challenge.  This truck can be used indoors and out with confidence because it is designed to withstand water and rain.  Sealed electronic components and waterproof electrical connections keep moisture away. There is a range of customizable options and configurations that can adapt to the needs of diverse applications making this truck very versatile and flexible in your operation.

Confidence and Efficiency

It is well known that Linde trucks are designed with the operator in mind.  The Linde 1293 is no different.  It has a spacious operator compartment with an adjustable full-suspension seat and comfortable footwell.  Optimum visibility of the load and surroundings provides safer work conditions.  The ergonomic mast controls allow the operator to work in a high-performance environment.  Linde Curve Assist system automatically reduces the speed of the lift while turning.  This combination of comfort and safety makes the operator confident and efficient.


From heavy-duty lifting to intricate maneuvering, the Linde 1293 excels in every task, empowering businesses to optimize their operations with confidence.  As businesses strive for greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability, the Linde 1293 sets a new standard of excellence of power in the world of forklifts. This is the spirit of Linde innovation.

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