Series 1293

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Designed to withstand water and rain, the forklift can be used outdoors with confidence.  Sealed electronic components and waterproof electrical connections keep moisture away.

Low maintenance requirements simplify daily routines and reduce operating costs.

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The Linde Series 1293 includes models E20BHP and E25BHP, electric counterbalance forklifts with 4,000 – 5,000 lb. capacity, and both powered by Linde Li-ION batteries. The next generation of material handling equipment across the world includes power sources such as this, proving an important balance between sustainable energy and energy efficiency. These trucks are powered by Linde lithium-ion batteries, and combine sustainable power with exceptional performance, making these models the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. That means businesses don’t skip a beat when adopting more environmentally conscious practices.

In addition to benefits that the E20BHP and E25BHP provide to applications switching to electric, there are also important features which lend to an easier, more comfortable operator experience. These models are outfitted with our standard full suspension seat and easy-to-reach seat-side mast control levers to assist operators in comfortably and accurately maneuvering throughout their shift. The dashboard features a 4.5-inch color display which keeps the operator informed of truck functions such as speed, state of charge, and many more. Lastly, the 1293’s easy-to-access Li-ION battery charging port encourages the operator make use of opportunity charging, which extends the battery life over longer or several shifts.

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