Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are essential to move certain loads when a standard forklift is not enough.  Certain materials have unique sizes and shapes that require a particular attachment designed for moving that object.  Read on to find out the 6 most popular forklift attachments.


Forklift extensions are designed to give the operator the ability to carry long, awkward, or oddly shaped loads.  Extensions add stability to lifting applications, avoid bent forks and reduce the risk of damaging loads.  They are typically used in warehouse, shops, shipping and factories.


This accessory is standard on many forklifts. This attachment allows you to move a load from side to side, so you can make small adjustments to the alignment of the pallet, without maneuvering the entire forklift.  It helps to utilize space and allows for faster loading time.  It also helps reduce pallet damage and fuel consumption.   This attachment is very popular in agriculture food & beverage, paper handing and construction industry.   It is the most common attachment used today.

Fork Positioners

Like Side-Shifters the forks can move side to side.  However, with the Fork Positioners the tines move further apart or closer together depending on what is needed for the load.  Many forks are positioned hydraulically so there is no manual adjustment of the forks and move simultaneously to become wider or narrower.  This helps mainly with increased productivity and reduced pallet damage.  Fork Positioners are widely used in warehousing, pharmaceutical, distribution, and food manufacturing trade.

Push-Pull Attachments

The Push Pull attachment provides a cost-effective solution for staking materials without pallets.  It uses a faceplate and gripper to pull goods onto a slip sheet.  Then, it pushes the load off the sheet once it has reached its destination. The attachment is connected to a conventional forklift truck and can be swiftly disconnected to return to handling pallets.  A push-pull attachment is a fit for industries that handle bagged seed, packaged dairy, corrugated boxes, or other stacked goods without pallets


A forklift clamp grabs materials from the sides or the top and bottom. Many different industries use these tools to handle oddly shaped loads. Some of the more popular forklift clamp styles available are roll clamps, drum clamps and bale clamps. Hydraulically controlled clamp allows safe and efficient lifting.  Common materials include textiles, appliances, paper, and recycling.


The forklift rotator attaches to a standard forklift mast in place of the standard carriage and tines. This extremely useful attachment allows you to rotate the forks 360° in either direction in a revolving motion, safely and efficiently when moving loads. Best used for inverting and dumping loads, it helps to improve productivity and greatly limit downtime.  Forklift rotators can also transfer materials from one handling container to another. These forklift accessories are often found in food processing, agriculture, construction, and general manufacturing industries.

Are you unsure what type of attachment you need for your forklift?  Our material handling experts can help you find the equipment that fits your operation and maximizes your material handling performance. Call us today for a free consultation!


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