Series 1355

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Large operator foot room and brake area with a premium floor mat, ensure enough space to comfortably change foot positioning throughout the day.

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Linde 5215 Order Picker


The Linde Electric Order Picker comes with Linde warehousing know how. These new trucks have been designed to handle the most demanding applications. Critical harness connections utilize sealed connectors, along with solid state components like Hall effect sensors which eliminate the use of potentiometers. CAN bus controls reduce wiring and improves diagnostics. Base arms are welded to the frame, separate from the mast to provide a rigid /firm feel. This unitized design and solid steel provide better rigidity at top shelf heights.


The powerful high thermal capacity 4.9 kW (24V), 6.6 kW (36V) AC drive motor delivers high-performance acceleration, braking and travel speeds. The V15 series utilizes 100% AC motor technology, along with the latest controls allows the operator to smoothly operate the truck. Gradual travel and lifting speeds give the operator a sense of confidence when picking at different levels. Better defined braking, variable lifting speeds and capacity at extended heights increase productivity. Precise feathering of the operating platform positions the operator closer to the pick and Linde’s 36-volt AC travel and lift is available for those longer runs, higher lift applications. Available on various electric warehouse products, curve speed control automatically reduces the driving speed depending on the steering angle. This enables the truck and operator to maneuver in and out of aisles with confidence.


Large operator foot room and brake area, with a premium floor mat, ensure enough space to comfortably change foot positioning throughout the day. The operator console is designed for the operator to comfortably lean forward, and an electrically adjustable workstation is available. Specially designed ergonomic controls provide a sure grip which increases the productivity and confidence of the operator. An additional sensor is in the control handle, allowing a solid 4-point stance for support. Excellent visibility through an armored glass overhead guard and a contoured work area allows a more productive day.


Linde knows reliability and durability thanks to over 60 years of material handling experience. The Order Picker comes with proven Linde components from the drive unit to the AC electric motors. A number of engineering tests have been performed including FEA (finite element analysis) and Hydro Pulse for durability of frame and components over extended periods of time. Outriggers are solid steel welded to the frame separate from the mast assembly, with the goal of achieving a rigid frame for greater loads at extended lift heights up to 360”. The rear frame is reinforced for added strength including protection of the load wheels. Critical harness connections use sealed connectors. CAN bus control systems reduce wiring and improve reliability over the life of the truck. Brushless design of the traction, lift and steer motors improve reliability and extend maintenance intervals.


A one-piece low profile cover provides greater visibility and noise reduction. Full access to key components is achieved without tools and directly in front of the technician. The low maintenance AC traction motor with built-in thermal protection is enclosed for additional safeguards against damage debris or moisture. The CAN bus design and diagnostics can be controlled through a single point plug and fault codes can be easily displayed.

Linde 5215 Order Picker Features

  • CAN bus communication is used to simplify wiring and communication
  • Fewer parts to ensure maximum running time and less to maintain
  • Hall effect sensors
  • AC power means better performance and less maintenance
  • No brush sets, spring sets, commutators or carbon dust
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • AC components run cooler extending life and reducing operating cost
  • Impact resistant one-piece toolless cover allows easy access to components
  • Outriggers are solid steel welded to the frame, separate from the mast assembly
  • The rear frame is reinforced for added strength including protection of the load wheels
  • The frame design allows greater loads at extended lift heights up to 360” without extended outriggers
  • FEA (finite element analysis) and Hydro Pulse analysis for durability of the frame and components over the extended life of the truck
  • The steer tiller handle and steer effort can be dampened or adjusted for the confidence of the operator
  • The multi-function control handle is stationary allowing a solid 4-point stance position in the operator compartment
  • Auto center steering at startup
  • Ergonomic hand rest provides stability and control
  • The pallet clamp automatically centers and firmly grips the pallet
  • Full body harness and operator tether
Operator Compartment
  • An adjustable 4” console dash allows the operator to adjust a variety of workstation heights for their comfort
  • A thick shock absorbing floor mat and large flush mounted floor switch allow the operator to move around within the compartment and still have a 4-point stance
  • Optional light package for better visibility within the workspace and dimly lit areas of the warehouse
  • Storage compartment provides enough space for clipboard and other supplies
  • Low step height reduces fatigue for operators who are continually getting on and off the truck

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