Forklift Certification Courses

Forklift Certification Course

Advanced Material Handling Systems is one of the very few forklift dealerships with our own Forklift Certification Course training center dedicated to teaching people to operate forklifts safely and efficiently. Our Training Center allows operators, both new and experienced, to be trained in a controlled area which is equipped to provide a real-life warehouse functionality.  We offer training and development opportunities for various industrial trucks and for everyday logistics operations.

Our experienced trainers will provide your operators with the kind of training they need, and you want, to ensure they operate forklifts safely and productively in your facility. We know that the more highly trained and experienced a forklift operator becomes, the lower your operating costs become and the more productive your operation becomes.  Trained forklift drivers are a fundamental requirement for safe and smooth operation.

Well trained forklift operators have fewer accidents, follow daily inspection routines, catch small problems before they blossom into giant repair headaches and have much less damage to product and equipment. Our dedication to training your operators is described in our Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

“We are dedicated to train, to the highest standards, each and every person having a desire to become a certified powered industrial truck operator”

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